Where do we contribute VALUE?

In multiple sectors, thanks to our extensive experience and our dense range of solutions, we provide differential value, with specialized, dedicated and certified teams.

Specific solutions for each sector, we stand out from the competition.


  • Our solutions for the public sector allow a substantial improvement in management.
  • With a direct impact on the projection of public services to citizens.
  • Process improvement and outsourcing support to internal IT teams.
  • Proven experience in multiple municipalities, offering our technical resources with solvency.


  • We work with the main law firms, architects, auditors, the communication sector, etc. With provincial and international headquarters.
  • Respond to the attention and support of a series of specific services in this professional environment.
  • Provide technical coverage, during the especially relevant moments throughout the year, where the offices must carry out special activities.
  • The service includes technical assistance, both face-to-face and remote, at the hardware and software, servers, networks and security levels.
  • We become your trusted IT department.


  • Mantenimiento de los centros educativos, tanto públicos como privados.
  • Asegurar el acceso a contenidos en cualquier formato de forma fluida desde la ubicación requerida.
  • Mantenimiento y supervisión de las aulas de informática y salas de ordenadores de los centros.
  • Adaptabilidad horaria a la disponibilidad de cada centro. Visitas recurrentes. Búsqueda de la mejor calidad-precio.


  • The adoption of multiple automation technologies enables changes to the infrastructure quickly and consistently.
  • We make sure that your organization has the most reliable and effective infrastructure possible.
  • We help you decide the solution that best suits your needs.
  • Network management
  • Cybersecurity, information security, computer security


  • Cloud Services, Network Maintenance and HelpDesk Support.
  • Turnkey projects.
  • Attention 24×7. SLA
  • Pipelines. Civil work. Wiring and fiber. Network electronics.
  • Promotional and advertising campaigns according to segmentation.
  • Analytical.
  • Measurement of hotel service and continuous improvement of operations.
  • Integration with PMS. Custom captive portals.
  • National and international coverage for chains.


  • Installation of computer networks, cable cleaning and restructuring.
  • Process monitoring to minimize the level of incidents.
  • Special robust computers for the Industry sector.
  • According to your needs, we prepare projects for computer installations or an Industrial computer maintenance plan.