Total mobile coverage inside large buildings

From ICODE CONSULTORS we are committed to improving the 4G coverage of companies so that all users remain connected to the network, which guarantees reliable communications with the outside world, which then translate into better customer and supplier service.

We work with multi-operator systems, therefore in this way we guarantee coverage to all users.

All areas of your company, with 4G coverage.

The latest technology in mobile signal repeaters
 i-repeater is a 5-band mobile signal repeater that can be monitored and controlled via the Internet. You can install the i-repeater with 4 line amplifiers to take the mobile signal even further inside the building, as you can see in the image below.


Frequencies: 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600MHz.

The i-repeater and line amplifiers can be monitored and controlled from any terminal (laptop, telephone, tablet), using an online control panel. You can have all your buildings / facilities on our cloud server. In this way you can monitor and control all your facilities from a single place.


Alarm control by Email.

  • If the devices are accidentally disconnected by building personnel (or by a power failure). You can know exactly which device has been disconnected, and its location in the building. All devices have an internal battery that maintains the Internet connection for several hours.
  • The system will notify you if the devices are seriously limiting the RF signal strength due to local RF noise or disturbances. For example: in some cases, large microwave ovens have been found to cause RF problems in their surroundings.

Remote control from any computer or phone.

  • You can turn off / connect or dim certain bands on any device.
  • Disconnect the power of one or more devices in the building. The RF chain from the devices will turn off, but they will still remain connected to the Internet.
  • Reboot devices.


  • Up / down channel power.
  • Up / Down Channel Gain.
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) in ascending / descending channel.
  • Oscillation / Coupling in ascending / descending channel.
  • Printed circuit board temperature.


  • All events from the date of initial device installation are logged.
  • Percentage of use of each band.


  • You can display your company logo on the LCD screen. It will remain in view in standby mode until a user touches the screen.