One of our best success cases, in which we were able to deploy a large-scale WIFI network in the third-largest vacation center in Europe.

15 Julio 2017
Client: Bluebay Hotels
Location: Balearic Islands (Spain)
Partners: Telefónica


Our challenge was to provide secure and excellent WiFi connectivity to avoid any type of intrusion and/or fraude.

We must also ensure 100% coverage ein a hotel whose complexity is based on the high number of users registering daily on the network, its countless exterior areas, more than 19 buildings and very-high density areas, where a huge number of events are held each day, with more than 2,000 concurrent users in a very small area.


We chose to design and develop a professional solution centralized in the cloud in order to reduce costs at the level of the entire hotel chain, unifying the control points.

We provided the Hotel with a highly manageable and highly scalable team, thus reducing implementation times and, consequently, costs.

The chosen equipment has dedicated active security antennas, which is essential to protect guests from any intrusion.