Our flagship, and the first WiFi casino connected with our solution.

5 Junio 2010
Client: Grupo Gran Madrid
Location: Madrid
Partners: Icode


EAt the time, many years ago, because of the continuous changes to the layour of the room, they needed to have wireless connectivity at the machine level, not in groups, in order to freely move the machines where they needed them, without worrying about available connectivity points and the tasks needed to implement them.


For us, the Gran Madrid group, this has been a very important project.

Since we are an IT team specialized in WiFi, we accepted the challenge of providing wireless connectivity to the machine park.

It was not a simple task and it took a long time until we were able to provide a solution and the configuration with the adequate systems.

They themselves, after receiving our work, encouraged us to go to the London fair that next year, to present our technological solution to the sector, promising that it would be widely accepted and that its ease and safety would make it a sure success.

And they were not wrong.