The WiZink Center is the most versatile multi-use space in Spain. It hosts everything from large concerts and sporting events to smaller formats to also accommodate new talents and shows.

20 Noviembre 2017
Client: Impulsa Eventos e Instalaciones
Location: Madrid
Partners: Icode


After installing the new WiFi network, they required a fully independent and objective exteranal specialized audit of their service compliance.


We use the leading market tools to capture the data and thus, together with our knowledge and experience, analyze the data and prepare the required compliance report.

We have taken several samples of the data during Real Madrid CF Basketball games from the students, as well as at concerts for famous singers and musical groups when the palace is filled with visitors.

The retractable bleachers and the great versatility of the space requires several samples to be taken in all its configurations to be able to ensure the results.

Tests and surveys of the visitors’ areas and a very strict collaboration with the center’s maintenance team completed this renowned and very attractive project.